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MAMS-TB trial stops recruiting patients to two arms

10 March 2014

The MAMS-TB trial is a TB clinical trial with an innovative study design.  The trial is  being conducted by the PanACEA consortium, of which UCL is a major partner; the MRC Clinical Trials Unit at UCL are responsible for data analysis and the UCL Centre for Clinical Microbiology provide the laboratory expertise.

The MAMS-TB trial aims to identify combinations of drugs that could shorten tuberculosis (TB) treatment. Standard TB treatment currently lasts around 6 months. The MAMS-TB trial is comparing 4 new combinations of drugs with the standard 6-month combination. It uses the innovating multi-arm, multi-stage approach, which allows several treatments to be assessed against a single control arm. Those that are not sufficiently promising can be dropped after interim analyses. This allows resources to be focused on those treatments that are most likely to be an improvement compared to the current standard treatment.

The trial is stopping recruiting patients to two of its arms. This follows a meeting of the Independent Data Monitoring Committee (IDMC) which looked at interim analyses. The IDMC recommended that the arms testing the HRZQ and HR20ZQ combinations of drugs should be closed, as the interim results were not promising enough. These two arms include the drug SQ109 instead of ethambutol in the standard 6-month combination with rifampicin given at the higher dose of 20mg/kg in the HR20ZQ arm. Patients are still being recruited to the other three arms of the trial.

To read the full story in SLMS News:

UCL Donors help fund a forgotten treatment for TB

13 February 2014

UCL donors John and Ann –Margaret Walton have made possible research to progress the understanding of tuberculomucin, a potential alternative treatment for TB that was invented before the Second World War.

‘Tuberculomucin – a forgotten treatment – may give us a powerful new method of combatting this ancient but continually burdensome disease which has always claimed more lives amongst the young and economically active than any other age group’
Dr Carole Reeves, UCL

The research taking place at the UCL Divisions of Infection and Immunity, and Medicine along with the UCL Department of Science & Technology Studies aims to explore the mode of action of  tuberculomucin to assess its viability as an alternative treatment for TB. Dr Freidrich Weleminsky developed it as a possible cure for TB in the early 20th Century. Historians and scientists will work together to understand the history of tuberculomucin as a TB treatment in the pre-antibiotic period and its possible application today...  READ More in UCL Development & Alumni Relations Office (DARO)News

North London TB Journal Club

Organiser: Dr Rob Aldridge (email)
Link to North London TB Journal Club site:

Tuesday, 25 February, 2014 - 12.30pm

Theme: Shortened intensified treatment for TB meningitis in children.

Presenter: Anna Turkova

Chair: Patrick Phillips

Paper: van Toorn et al. Short Intensified Treatment in Children with Drug-Susceptible Tuberculous Meningitis. PIDJ [e-publication ahead of print. Available here.]

Venue:  MRC CTU in room 401

Directions: See The entrance is opposite Holborn tube station and looks like the entrance to a church building.

External attendees will need to wait at reception and be taken to the meeting room. If you plan to attend, please email Patrick Phillips (email) so that reception know who is expected.

TB Jobs

TBTEAM TA request: epidemiologist in Timor-Leste

TBTEAM is seeking a TB epidemiologist to conduct a comprehensive epidemiological situation assessment of TB in Timor-Leste.

More information:

Deadline for applications is 1 October.

If interested, please send cv to Dr. Lungten Z. Wangchuk (

(added: 30.9.13)

TB Events

Monday, 24 March, all day, LSHTM
- “Reach the 3 Million”
This year's TB Day Symposium is a joint venture between UCL and the LSHTM.
Time: 9am - 5pm
Venue: John Snow LT, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, Keppel Street
Provisional Programme (PDF)
The event is free but registration is required - link to registration.

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