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Module registration 2017-18

STS offers modules using the "HPSC" prefix. It's confusing, but simple: all HPSC modules are offered by STS staff.

2017-18 HPSC module catalogue (here). These are the modules we plan to deliver in the 2017-18 session.

Students from other departments are welcome in HPSC modules. Our modules attract students from many different departments and backgrounds. These modules offer opportunities for students to meet new people, meet students from many different degree programmes, and develop transferrable skills they might not otherwise build. Challenge yourself to mix it up. Try STS. As always, discuss module selections with personal tutors. And, you're welcome to discuss modules with STS tutors. Register through Portico.

STS students must discuss their module selections with their personal tutor.

Essential materials

Students need several layers of information for the modules they attempt:

  1. HPSC module leaders provide a syllabus - see the STS syllabus library or Moodle
  2. STS provides the STS Student Handbook, which offers essential information common to all modules as well as degree programmes
  3. UCL's Student and Registry Services is the source for all official university information on rules and regulations