UCL Department of Science and Technology Studies is an interdisciplinary centre for the integrated study of science's history, philosophy, sociology, communication and policy, located in the heart of London. Founded in 1921. Award winning for teaching and research, plus for our public engagement programme. Rated as outstanding by students at every level.

At UCL, the academic mission is paramount. Our ambition is to achieve the highest standards in our teaching and research.

Join us for BSc, MSc, and PhD study.

Staff books include:

Stilgoe 2013 spacerAthena Swan Bronze Award


About us 

UCL Department of Science and Technology Studies (STS)


STS wants people to think about science differently. We want to understand science as a force in modern society. We want to understand what underpins its successes and failures. We want to understand its boundaries and concentrations. We want to know why while people sometimes love science, and sometimes hate it, they increasingly use science to do things in our lives.


  • 18 permanent academic staff
  • 6 research or teaching fellows
  • 4 professional services staff

Teaching programmes

  • UGT: 2 BSc degrees, with 2 affiliate programmes, 2 integrated BSc programmes with Medical School, roles in BASC, Natural Sciences, Human Sciences
  • PGT: 2 MSc degrees, with diplomas and certificates
  • PGR: 1 PhD degree, plus Doctoral School training programmes

Research clusters

  • history of science
  • philosophy of science
  • science and democracy

Department history 

In 1921 University College London established the first university department in Britain in the field of history and philosophy of science. The Department has offered graduate degrees since then, and many leading scholars in this field began their careers with degrees from UCL. In 1993 an undergraduate BSc programme was launched, with an expanded staff that also included scholars in science communication and science policy. To reflect the widening interdisciplinary nature of our work, the name of the Department was changed in 1996 to the Department of Science and Technology Studies (STS). STS is unique in the UK in combining – in one department - teaching and research in history and philosophy of science with social studies of science (including science policy, public understanding of science and science communication). 

In 1924 STS launched its first Masters degree. In 1987 postgraduate teaching in our department was merged with similar activities at Imperial College London and the then Wellcome Institute to create the London Centre for the History of Science, Medicine and Technology. At its inception, this was the only such programme in the UK. A decade later, staff were boasting, "we lead the field in feeding outstanding students into PhD programmes and research careers." Our most recent masters programme launched in 2013, offering 2 degrees together with diplomas and certificates.

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