All Staff

Michele Acuto Dr Michele  Acuto
Senior Lecturer in Global Networks & Diplomacy
Research Director
Jean-Paul Addie Dr Jean-Paul Addie
Provost Fellow in Urban Knowledge & Infrastructure
Javiera Atenas Javiera Atenas
Learning Technologist
Charlotte Barrow Charlotte Barrow
Research Assistant in City Strategies & Leadership
Jason Blackstock Dr Jason Blackstock
Head of Department (Acting)
Senior Lecturer in Science and Global Affairs
Gemma Cassells
Dr Gemma Cassells
Project Coordinator
Andrew Chilvers Dr Andrew Chilvers
Research Associate, Liveable Cities
Brian Collins Professor Brian Collins
Professor of Engineering Policy
Director, International Centre for Infrastructure Futures (ICIF)
Adam Cooper Dr Adam Cooper
Lecturer in Social Science and Public Policy
Ellie Cosgrave Dr Ellie Cosgrave
Research Associate, Liveable Cities
Tom Dolan Tom Dolan
Research Associate, International Centre for Infrastructure Futures (ICIF)
Jack Doughty Jack Doughty
Research Assistant in Geoengineering Governance Projects
Beverley Gibbs Beverley Gibbs
Provost Fellow in Global Governance & Engineering Systems
Clio Heslop Clio Heslop
Communications & Events Officer
Dr Abbi Hobbs Dr Abbi Hobbs
Senior Research Associate
Head of Social Science Section, POST
Seconded full-time to Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST)
Dr Caroline Kenny Dr Caroline Kenny
Research Associate
Social Science Section, POST
Seconded full-time to Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST)
Sam King Sam King
PA to Head of Department
PA to Dr Jason Blackstock, Prof Brian Collins, and Prof Jeremy Watson
Kelly Lawless Kelly Lawless
ICIF Project Coordinator
Theo Lorenc Dr Theo Lorenc
Provost Fellow in Knowledge Systems & Social Theory
Natasha McCarthy Dr Natasha McCarthy
Senior Teaching Fellow
Education Director
Graduate Tutor
Rear Admiral Neil Morisetti Rear Admiral Neil Morisetti
Director of Strategy
Honorary Professor
Susanne Namer-Waldenstrom Susanne Namer-Waldenstrom
PA to Academic Staff
PA to Dr Michele Acuto, Dr Adam Cooper, Dr Noah Raford, and Rear Admiral Neil Morisetti
Project Administrator, UCL City Leadership Studio
Prof Arthur Petersen Professor Arthur Petersen
Visiting Professor
Loy Phillips Loy Phillips
Assistant to Dr Jason Blackstock
Noah Raford Dr Noah Raford
Lecturer in Foresights and Public Policy
Bethia Tyler Reith Bethia Reith
Department Manager
Lily Song Dr Lily Song
Provost Fellow
Carla-Leanne Washbourne Carla-Leanne Washbourne
Provost Fellow in Environmental Science & Policy
Jeremy Watson Professor Jeremy Watson
Professor of Engineering Systems

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