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SpaceTimeLab researcher Sarah Wise beats competition to win best paper award at GISRUK 2014

24 April 2014

Congratulations to SpaceTimeLab researcher Sarah Wise, who was awarded the CASA prize for best paper at GISRUK 2014, in memory of Sinesio Alves Junior. Sarah’s paper, entitled Agent Based Modelling and GIS: Exploring our New Tools in a Disaster Context, explores the impact of the rapid changes in volunteered geographic data sources that occur in the aftermath of natural disasters on the tools that we use to plan our responses to them. The work builds on an agent based model that Sarah developed with Andrew Crooks at George Mason University. Sarah’s work was praised both for its novelty and its practical importance.  

Sarah Wise wins best paper award at GISRUK 2014

Also in attendance at GISRUK was James Haworth, who presented his paper, co-authored with Tao Cheng, entitled Graphical LASSO for Spatio-temporal Neighbourhood Selection. In the paper, a new approach is considered for selecting spatio-temporal neighbourhoods in space-time models where the spatio-temporal relationship between locations is unclear. Both papers can be found at the links below.

Graphical LASSO for local spatio-temporal neighbourhood selection

Agent-Based Modeling and GIS: Exploring Our New Tools in a Disaster Context

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