Academic Staff

Research Staff

Research staff are current post doctoral research associates working on a range of projects in the SpaceTimeLab

PhD Students

Academic Collaborators

The following staff have close ties with SpaceTimeLab, they work in associated UCL Departments and many co-supervise our PhD students, or they are Co-Investigators in our projects.


Advisors offer support, supervision and advice to students and researchers working in the SpaceTimeLab

Honorary Members

Honorary members comprise former PhD students and post-doctoral research associates who now maintain close links with the SpaceTimeLab

Visiting Researchers

Every year the UCL SpaceTimeLab is happy to host a small number of outstanding visiting researchers and doctoral students. We especially welcome those who closely share our research interests of big-data analytics and network complexity. If you are appointed, you will  work closely with members of the SpaceTimeLab to develop an research plan which will be mutually beneficial. In order to make the most effective use of your time with us, we recommend that plans are made well before your visit, typically several months in advance.

For more information, please see the UCL website 

Researchers: http://www.ucl.ac.uk/hr/docs/affiliate_academic_scheme.php

Doctoral students http://www.ucl.ac.uk/prospective-students/international/affiliate/visiting-research-students

or contact Prof. Tao Cheng (tao.cheng@ucl.ac.uk)

Previous visiting researchers/doctoral students

Current visiting researchers/doctoral students

Completed PhDs

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