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The Slade has an extensive archive which includes papers, photographs, class lists, student records and artefacts dating throughout the school’s history at UCL. Together with materials held in UCL Records Office, UCL Library Special Collections and UCL Art Museum, the archive collection contains rich evidence of the time artists have spent at the Slade. However much of the archive is difficult to access. Through an initial collaboration with UCL Centre for Digital Humanities we have begun activating this invaluable collection, exploring ways in which this underused resource can be made more accessible and generate new knowledge – through research, online resources, public events and publications.

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The Slade Archive Project is centred on facilitating the exploration, research and development of the Slade’s rich collection of institutional records

Slade School of Fine Art Class Photograph, 1951

Class Photos

Our collection of annual class photographs dates from 1931

Slade Office, 1977 - 78, photographer unknown

Oral History

We have a growing collection of oral history interviews with former staff and students

Ibrahim El Salahi, Church on the Hill, (detail)

Transnational Slade

We are looking at ways to map the links between artists who studied or taught at the Slade and the impact they went on to have internationally after graduation

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