the one hour to beholde those realmes, cittes, sees, ryvers and mountaynes that unneth in an olde mannes life can not be journaiede and pursued; what incredible delight is taken in beholding the diversities of people, beastis, foules, fiches, trees, frutes and herbes: to knowe the sondry maners and conditions of people, and the variety of their natures -- and that in a warme studie or perler, without perill of the see or daunger of longe and painfull journayes: I can nat tell what more pleasure shulde happen to a gentill witte than to beholde in his owne house every thynge that with in all the worlde is contained (Sir Thomas Elyot)
He may make a tour of the world in books, he may make himself master of the geography of the universe in the maps, atlasses and measurements of our mathematicians. He may travell by land with the historians, by sea with the navigators. He may go round the globe with Dampier and Rogers, and kno’ a thousand times more doing it than all those illiterate sailors. (Daniel Defoe)
Stay indoors.