School of European Languages, Culture and Society (SELCS)


Research Awards

Digital Critical Edition of Middle-Period Works by Arthur Schnitzler (1862-1931)

AHRC Funded Project

  • Dr Judith Beniston (UCL, Co-I), Professor Andrew Webber (Cambridge, PI), Professor Robert Vilain (Bristol, Co-I), Dr Annja Neumann (Cambridge, research associate. Two PhD scholarships (one at UCL and one at Bristol) from October 2014.

Arthur Schnitzler is one of the leading figures in European and German-language Modernism, and unique for a writer of his stature in not having a critical edition devoted to him. Schnitzler’s papers were saved from likely confiscation and destruction in Vienna in 1938 and brought to Cambridge, where the larger part of them is now held in the University Library. The archive includes early versions of many published works, and the aim is to make this rich and fascinating resource available to a wide range of users. In the course of this five-year project, scheduled to run January 2014–December 2018, the UK team will produce digital editions of a set of works from Schnitzler’s middle period, transcribing manuscript material and developing an extensive critical apparatus. The corpus comprises the novel Der Weg ins Freie, the plays Professor Bernhardi and Das weite Land, and a set of less well-known puppet plays. The edition will be hosted on the website of Cambridge University Library. Alongside open access to the edited works and their apparatus, the findings of the project will be presented through international conferences and workshops, theatre productions and other events, and through publications in book and journal form.

Medical Inhumanities

UCL Grand Challenges

  • Dr Stephanie Bird, Dr Mark Hewitson and M. Zusi (UCL SSEES)

A multidisciplinary project exploring how medical practice and theory, and its representation, has undermined or consolidated notions of humane behaviour. Key areas include history, human rights, ethics, empathy, discourses of sovereignty, and political theory

Reverberations of War, 2010-14

AHRC Funded Project

  • Principal participants are Professor Mary Fulbrook (PI), Stephanie Bird (Co-I), Julia Wagner (research fellow), Christiane Wienand (research fellow), Gaelle Fisher (research student), Alexandra Hills (research student).

Medieval Francophone Literary Culture Outside France

AHRC Funded Project with King's College London and Cambridge
Two postdoctoral Research Associates are associated with the project, of whom one at UCL (Dr Dirk Schoenaers), the other at Cambridge University.

  • Dr Jane Gilbert, Co-Investigator

The Violence of War: Images and Experiences of Conflict

AHRC Funded Project
The project comprises both individual research and collaboration between different institutions.

  • Dr Mark Hewitson

Copernicus’s Library

Wellcome Trust Pilot Grant

The project has been deferred following Knox’s appointment as the UoA’s Director. He intends to take it forward once he has stepped down from this post. The project aims to provide a comprehensive online catalogue of the so-called Copernicana (books that were or have been thought to be owned or annotated by Copernicus) held mainly in Uppsala, together with transcriptions of the annotations, full bibliographical information and scholarly commentary. The project includes colleagues from the British Library, Kraków, the USA and Germany.

  • Dr Dilwyn Knox

Philemon Foundation Critical Edition of Unpublished Works of C. G. Jung

German edition with English translation, with further editions in other languages, founded in 2004. Since 2008, Princeton University Press and W. W. Norton have published 4 vols, with one in press and one in submission. Collaborating institutions include the Swiss Federal I of Technology, Zurich.

  • Professor Sonu Shamdasani and Dr Martin Liebscher

Open Learning Environment Early Modern Low Countries History

UK Open Educational Resources initiative, led jointly by JISC and the Higher Education Academy

  • Ulrich Tiedau (Principal Investigator) with An Vanderhelst (Dutch, research fellow)

Open Educational Resources (OER) Digital Humanities Project

UK Open Educational Resources initiative, led jointly by JISC and the Higher Education Academy

  • Ulrich Tiedau (Principal Investigator) with C. Warwick (UCL Information Studies, Co-Investigator) and S. Mahony (research fellow)

Sustainable Texts and Disciplinary Conversations

UK Open Educational Resources initiative, led jointly by JISC and the Higher Education Academy

  • Ulrich Tiedau (Principal Investigator) with J. Hughes and C. McKenna (CALT)

CPD4HE Open Resources for Teachers in HE

UK Open Educational Resources initiative, led jointly by JISC and the Higher Education Academy

  • Ulrich Tiedau (Co-Investigator)

The above projects have researched the Open Educational Resources (OER) process from creation to curation and has released many OER themselves. The UKOER programme is a HEFCE funded programme (2009-1012/13), managed by JISC and the HE Academy to ensure the UK’s preeminence in this area.

Asymmetrical Encounters: E-Humanity Approaches to Reference Cultures in Europe, 1815–1992

Cultural Encounter - A collaborative project in the HERA (Humanities in the European Research Area)

  • Principal participants: Ulrich Tiedau, J. van Eijnatten (Utrecht University), C. Sporleder (University of Trier, T. Pieters, J. Verheul (both Utrecht University).

The project employs multilingual text and sentiment mining technologies in large collections of digitised newspapers to address the question of how the large and cultural powerful countries Britain, France, and Germany influenced public debates in smaller countries like the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg in the past two centuries. More on the project homepage.