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Medieval Scandinavian Seminars

UCL Medieval Scandinavian Seminar

Department of Scandinavian Studies (SELCS)

Summer Term 2014

Room B.09 in 16-18 Gordon Square, 5.30 pm

This summer term we will have three speakers for the seminar in the Scandinavian Department, which will take place as usual in our Room B.09 (next door to the old room) in the basement of the Department of Scandinavian Studies in 16-18 Gordon Square, starting at 5.30 pm, with papers lasting the best part of an hour. There will be any liquid refreshment we choose to bring, as well as time for questions afterwards. Everyone will ask a question.

  1. Thursday, 1 May: Sarah Baccianti (University of Lausanne), ‘The English Connection: Breta sögur and England in the twelfth century’
  2. Thursday, 22 May: Guðrún Sveinbjarnardóttir (UCL), Snorri Sturluson's farmstead in Reykholt: the archaeological evidence
  3. Thursday, 5 June: Jamie Cochrane (Independent Scholar), ‘Verse and worse: re-evaluating the dream-women of Gísla saga’