Margrethe Alexandroni

UCL Teaching Fellow in Norwegian Language


Background: Margrethe has worked as Teacher of Norwegian at the International Summer School, University of Oslo. She enjoys translating from and into Norwegian, and worked as freelance translator for many years. Margrethe is working on an online learning system using a wiki. This is done in conjunction with Chris Dillon. The Norwegian Wiki started with some texts she wrote with some grammatical explanations. Then sound files were added for some texts and Hot Potatoe quizzes. Work is in progress on an online Norwegian-English dictionary including idiomatic examples. Recently some materials written by students and some English texts for translation have been added. As a whole, the Norwegian Wiki is one of the major free online resources for learning Norwegian.

She is also a creative writer, and has published a number of short stories in both English and Norwegian, mainly in Scandinavian magazines. She is an intrepid traveller and has completed three personalised travelogues:  Fourteen Days in Brazil and The Magic Carpets of Dunhuang and two travelogues from Russia.

Norwegian Wiki

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Office Hour: Mondays 2 - 3 pm

Teaching 2012 - 2013

Norwegian language at intermediate and advanced level

Translation studies at undergraduate and MA level