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Danish-(British) English Network of literary Translators (DENT)

Feedback invited

Many thanks to those who were able to attend the networking meetings in November 2013 (London) and February 2014 (Copenhagen). At the sessions, the new Impact PhD studentship candidate Ellen Kythor presented her research proposal and plans in relation to the topic of the PhD - the marketing and reception of Danish literature in the UK - and presented three proposals for Danish-English literary translators to keep in touch and establish an identity as a network online.

We would now like to invite your feedback on the three online network proposals in order that a prototype can be created and demonstrated at our meeting on 9th April 2014. The three proposals were an email list, a bespoke website, and a social network (Google+ community or Facebook group). All three would be private/closed networks with an option for public profiles on a website. The slides from the meetings are available to download below.

Please email Ellen Kythor ( with your thoughts and feedback about the online network by Friday 28th March.

Networking meeting on 9th April 2014

To coincide with the London Book Fair there will be a Networking Meeting at the Danish Embassy in London on Wednesday 9th April, 9am-11am. An official invitation with more details will be sent directly to translators via email in mid-March. 

It will be possible to apply for travel expenses to enable your participation in this meeting. To be eligible, you must be active as a Danish-English translator with publications in the last two years.

Links and information to download

Danish-English Network of literary Translators, proposals for keeping in touch online : Download presentation slides (pdf file)

Danish-English Impact PhD Studentship, research objectives and plans: Download presentation slides (pdf file)

Interactive Visual Timeline of Danish literature published in the UK since 1990 (please let me know if you notice any omissions/corrections!)

- Ellen Kythor, 5 March 2014. Contact: