Izaskun Chinchilla Moreno

UCL Bartlett School of Architecture

Izaskun Chinchilla Moreno will work with communities local to UCL, Camden Council, and colleagues in the Bartlett School of Architecture and beyond, to produce a collaborative piece of work.

This work will be created by a local community to explore, together with UCL architects and urban planners, an aspirational vision of the future. Sustainability will be an important key in the production of the work, but what will be produced will be led by the community we work with.

The focus of Izaskun's fellowship will be to develop an ongoing relationship with local communities, provoking new activities both inside UCL and within the community.

The principles of this work will be based on Izaskun's previous work on outdoor mural paintings, which have a long history of bringing public art and politics together in the urban landscape. These actions run deeper than the artistry of the murals; the real works of art are the changes these collaborative projects inspire within communities. Mural projects mobilize communities to articulate dreams, express frustrations, and most importantly, consider strategies for change.

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