REVEAL - Food Junctions

REVEAL was a ten day festival taking place in Kings Cross, London, from 22nd April to 2nd May 2010. Organised by Create KX, a creative and cultural development agency, REVEAL was a programme of cultural events and activities. The festival aimed to bring together a range of groups and organisations to celebrate the areas’ unique cultural identity and reveal its rich creative history.

The UCL Public Engagement Unit (PEU) collaborated with Create KX to organise a ‘REVEAL competition’, providing up to £20,000 to deliver a project during the festival. During January 2010, the PEU funded a consortium of UCL staff and students to provide UCL’s contribution to REVEAL – Food Junctions.

Food Junctions was a series of events and activities (including art workshops, discussions, wine tasting, films, tours, readings, performances, art installations) targeting a range of audiences (For example, local residents, community groups, festival attendees, local organisations).

150 UCL students and staff at all academic levels were involved in delivering Food Junctions, alongside a further 100 contributors from outside UCL. Over 1500 members of the public attended Food Junctions over the two week programme and the events were all well received with on average 26 people attending each activity.

As this is the first time a UCL public engagement programme has been co-ordinated within a large festival environment, the Food Junctions evaluation case study report aims to identify key findings from the activities and make recommendations for future events.

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