Green Team - Taking care of our environment


The DoP has done it again!

After winning the last two UCL Christmas switch offs the DoP has yet again won the UCL Easter Switch off.

We have been announced as the Division with the largest proportion of staff and students pledging to switch off lights, appliances and equipment over the holidays.

Each year, a lot of lights, appliances and equipment gets left on over the holidays. And this a big financial and carbon impact.

This year we had the highest proportion of staff and students pledging to switch off over Easter!

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DoP's Fairtrade Bake off

The DoP has run it's 1st Fairtarde Bake Off competiion raising funds for the environmental charity Thames 21. Prizes were awarded for 'Best tasting' and 'Most sustainably produced'.

  • Sustainability award: Aisling Stringer (lemon & blueberry cake), MARQUE study team
  • Fairtrade award: joint winners Kirsten Moore (carrot cake) & Sarah Dowling (chocolate and cherry brownies)

Particular commendation to Aisling for cycling her cake into the office, thus securing her sustainability prize!

DoP Environmental Sustainability Guidance

Click here to read the UCL Division of Psychiatry’s Environmental Sustainability Guidance document.

The UCL Environment Awareness e-Learning course

The UCL Environment Awareness e-Learning course focuses on environmental good practice and is an essential introduction to sustainability at UCL.

Who is the Green Team?

  • Yana Kitova
  • Kirsten Moore
  • Noorjaben Monowari
  • Tamara Al-Janabi
  • Sarah Hamburg
  • Ros Brown
  • Sarah Dowling
  • Kasia Furmaniak
  • Anne Laybourne
  • Jacques Gianino
  • Michaela Poppe
  • Kate Wolfe
  • Christian Dalton-Locke
  • Emese Csipke

Further information on environmental issues