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Entry requirements

Our entry requirements are challenging, but are intended to ensure you'll enjoy the content of your degree.

Access UCL - contextual offers for A level and IB applicants

UCL is committed to widening access to higher education. We seek to recruit and retain the academically brightest students who will thrive in the rigorous teaching and learning environment that UCL provides.

From 2019, UCL will run an alternative offer scheme for students from groups that are underrepresented at UCL. Eligible students who successfully complete the Access UCL scheme will receive a reduced offer of up to two grades below the standard UCL offer for the programme they have applied for.

In order to be eligible for the scheme you must meet two out of the following three criteria:

  • Attend or have attended a low-performing school for either GCSE or A-level*. Please check whether your school is eligible by downloading and searching for it in this document (PDF, 4MB)
  • Live in an area which has a high level of financial, social or economic deprivation**. Please use the map on this page to check whether your home postcode is in the bottom 20%: http://dclgapps.communities.gov.uk/imd/idmap.html
  • Live in a neighbourhood which has a low progression rate to higher education***. Please use the postcode checker on this page to check whether your home postcode is POLAR 3 Quintile 1: https://www.officeforstudents.org.uk/data-and-analysis/postcode-search/

If you are eligible for Access UCL you do not need to do anything in addition to the standard UCAS application, your application will be automatically flagged when we receive it.

Care leavers who have attended a UK state school for their GCSEs or A levels are automatically eligible for Access UCL.

If you are an applicant from Wales, Northern Ireland or Scotland, or if you are a mature student please contact wp.accessucl@ucl.ac.uk to check your eligibility.

Receiving an Access UCL Offer

If you're eligible for Access UCL and your application to UCL is successful, you will be made a dual offer containing:

  • the standard UCL offer;
  • the Access UCL offer.

The Access UCL offer will be conditional on you completing the Access UCL programme and achieving exam results up to two grades lower than the standard offer.

Please note: any subject requirements for the programme will remain (for example, if a programme requires A levels in Physics and Chemistry, it will still require Physics and Chemistry within the contextual offer).

In order to take advantage of your reduced offer you must select UCL as your firm choice, complete a Preparation for Academic Study online module and complete an academic assessment, which will be sent to you at the beginning of July. If you complete the Preparation for Academic Study module and pass the academic assessment you will be eligible for admission to UCL with the reduced offer you have received.

If you decide not to take the Preparation for Academic Study module and/or academic assessment, then you will still be eligible for the standard UCL offer.

For further information about the Access UCL scheme please contact wp.accessucl@ucl.ac.uk


* This means your school falls into the lower 50% of schools in England and Wales for average GCSE achievement and/or average A-level point score

** We use Index of Multiple of Deprivation (IMD) data to identify levels of financial, social or economic deprivation, as defined by home postcode https://www.gov.uk/government/statistics/english-indices-of-deprivation-2015

*** We use POLAR classification to look at how likely young people are to participate in HE across the UK, as defined by home postcode http://www.hefce.ac.uk/analysis/yp/POLAR/