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Entry requirements

Our entry requirements are challenging, but are intended to ensure you'll enjoy the content of your degree.

Access UCL - contextual offers for A level and IB applicants

As part of our commitment to increasing participation from underrepresented groups, students may be eligible for a contextual offer of up to two grades or points lower than the standard UCL offer for any given degree programme under the Access UCL scheme.

The scheme is aimed at underrepresented groups, including students from areas of low progression to higher education and those from less advantaged backgrounds including those from low performing schools.

The Access UCL scheme will not be in place until September 2018 (for 2019 entry) and so it is not available to current UCL offer holders.

How contextual offers are made

Students may be eligible for a contextual offer of:

  • up to two grades lower, with no grade lower than a B (for A level) or
  • up to two points lower, with no grade lower than a 5 (for International Baccalaureate)

If you are eligible for the Access UCL scheme your application will be automatically flagged when UCL receives your application from UCAS. You will then be invited to complete an online module while the rest of your application is considered. Completion of the online module is not a guarantee of an offer.

If you are made an offer and confirm UCL as your firm choice with UCAS you will then be invited to complete an academic assessment. If you pass the assessment you will be eligible for admittance to UCL with your lower offer. If you do not confirm UCL as your firm choice or do not pass the academic assessment, the standard offer will still be in effect.

Please note:

Any subject requirements for the programme will remain (for example, if a programme requires A levels in Physics and Chemistry, it will still require Physics and Chemistry within the contextual offer).

Further information on scheme eligibility will be published in June, but if you have any general questions then please contact wp.accessucl@ucl.ac.uk.