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UCL News podcast: Faith in Suburbia & The Micrarium

15 February 2013


The UCL News podcast gives you the opportunity to listen to the latest news and research from around UCL every fortnight. Split up into three parts, you can either listen to the podcast all in one go, or save features for later listening.

In the news section this week we are joined by Jack Ashby, the manager of UCL’s Grant Museum of Zoology. The museum has recently launched a new permanent exhibition featuring thousands of tiny animals of microscope slides. More about the exhibition, called The Micrarium, later in the podcast.

Also in the new section we highlight some events happening for UCL Diversity month which is now in full swing. The theme of this year’s month is the UCL Grand Challenge of Intercultural Interaction. Lastly, we highlight a student performance of a play that has not been staged for 400 years, and is thought to be the inspiration for Shakespeare’s Anthony & Cleopatra.

Faith in Suburbia

This week, we visit a Hindu temple in Ealing, West London to hear about how a new photography project by senior citizens and led by UCL geographer, Dr Claire Dwyer and award-winning photographer Liz Hingley, has opened up spiritual understanding between faiths. Faith in Suburbia: a shared photographic journey opens this week in Gunnersbury Park Museum in Ealing.

The Micrarium

A new space that celebrates the microscopic members of the animal kingdom has recently opened at UCL’s Grant Museum of Zoology. Formally an office, the Micrarium is a beautiful back-lit cave covered with wall-to-wall microscope slides. We went to chat to the museum’s curator, Mark Carnall, about why other natural history museums are misrepresenting the animal kingdom by missing out invertebrates and how the Micrarium is righting this wrong. 


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