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Sophia magazine: fifth issue available

13 December 2010

The fifth issue of Sophia Magazine is available to download now.

Sophia is a volunteer–run magazine that publishes academic content by UCL staff and postgraduate students aimed at a general readership.

Ed Long, Sophia Editor and UCL CoMPLEX student, discusses the latest issue below.


“We are very pleased to announce the publication of the fifth issue of Sophia magazine, UCL’s volunteer magazine for academic journalism.

From post–Soviet ethnic policy in Russia to microbial life on the moons of Saturn, the magazine gives an accessible insight into the diverse interests of UCL’s research community.

The latest issue also showcases two ongoing exhibitions at UCL: the John Flaxman exhibition in the Strang print room and the ‘Ink’ exhibition in the North Lodge – including a review of the demonstration by master calligrapher Paul Antonio at the Ink exhibition.

This issue also gives a layman’s introduction to magnetricity – a strange phenomenon in which solitary magnetic ‘monopoles’ appear in tetrahedral lattices and were first observed as recently as 2009. A team from the London Centre for Nanotechnology recently won the Times Higher Education Research Project of the Year for their work in this area.

Sophia is extremely grateful for financial support from CoMPLEX, the UCL Graduate School, the Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment and the Faculty of Mathematical and Physical Sciences whose generous donations have made the printing of this issue possible. We are actively seeking funding for the printing of issue six and would be very grateful for any offers.

Sophia is also looking for a highly motivated graduate student to take over the role of editor for future issues. The applicant should be based at UCL until at least July 2012 and have a strong sense of style in written English and an interest in diverse fields of research and cross–disciplinary communication.”

Issue 5 of Sophia can be downloaded at the link above. To contact the Sophia team, email Ed Long at editor@sophiamagazine.co.uk

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