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UCL a top scorer with Stonewall

26 July 2010

Stonewall logo

UCL has been awarded ten out of ten in the latest university guide from Stonewall, the lesbian, gay and bisexual charity.

The university guide, which is compiled on the basis of information available in the public domain and from responses to questions given to universities, has awarded UCL 10 out of 10 based on the category criteria listed below:

  • Is a member of Stonewall’s Diversity Champions programme, a good-practice network of organisations that work together and with Stonewall to create a working environment where everyone is able to be themselves
  • Has a harassment policy which makes explicit reference to homophobia and indicates that there are appropriate sanctions for those who are homophobic and protection for those who are victims of such bullying
  • Provides mandatory teaching and support staff training on lesbian, gay and bisexual issues as part of its diversity training
  • Has a publicised network group for lesbian, gay and bisexual staff which is supported by the university
  • Has a specific student society for lesbian, gay and bisexual students which is active and provides a meeting point for lesbian, gay and bisexual students
  • Provides specific information for LGB students in the form of a handbook or a DVD
  • Provides specific events for lesbian, gay and bisexual students during history month or social events for students
  • Offers specific welfare support for lesbian, gay and bisexual students in the form of specially trained counsellors in lesbian, gay and bisexual issues or in the form of LGBT society welfare reps.
  • Talks to lesbian, gay and bisexual students about their needs and includes them in the decision making process within the University
  • Actively promotes lesbian, gay and bisexual recruitment guides such as Stonewall's Starting Out and offers specific career advice for lesbian, gay and bisexual students either on websites or through promotional events

Sir Stephen Wall, Chair of UCL Council said: “UCL is one of the world's top universities. We strive to offer the best to the best and we hope the Stonewall list will encourage LGB students to apply to UCL for the quality of our courses and the warmth of our welcome.”

Image above: Stonewall logo

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