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Video: Space scientist witnesses total solar eclipse

21 August 2009

Dr Lucie Green, from UCL’s Mullard Space Science Laboratory, travelled across the Pacific Ocean aboard a cruise ship to witness the total eclipse of the sun last month.

On July 22 the path of the Moon's umbral shadow began in India and crossed Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Burma and China.


That path crossed Japan's Ryukyu Islands and curved southeast through the Pacific, where it reached a maximum duration of more than six minutes.

Here Dr Green describes her experience and explains what space scientists can learn from observing such a rare phenomenon.

Video: right, Dr Green describing July's solar eclipse; left, a partial eclipse at sunset


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UCL’s Mullard Space Science Laboratory is the UK's largest university-based space science research group. It delivers a cutting-edge science programme, underpinned by a capability in space science instrumentation, systems engineering and project management.

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