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UCL Grand Challenges Small Grants awarded to 24 new projects

13 August 2013

24 new research projects have been awarded funding of up to £3,000 through the 2013-2014 UCL Grand Challenges Small Grants Scheme.

The scheme funds cross-disciplinary collaborations between staff in different UCL departments under the broad headings of Global Health, Sustainable Cities, Intercultural Interaction and Human Wellbeing.

Visit the UCL Grand Challenges webpages to find out more about the Small Grants scheme.

The successful applicants are: 

Grand Challenge of Global Health 

Estimating the likely impact on TB control of interventions to improve the ventilation of indoor public spaces in rural South Africa

Professor Ibrahim Abubakar (Infection & Population Health) & Dr Hector Altamirano (Bartlett School of Graduate Studies)

Exploring Relationships among Groundwater Arsenic and Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes in Bangladesh

Dr Mohammad Shamsudduha (Institute for Risk & Disaster Reduction) & Dr Edward Fottrell (ICH)

Malaria in Myanmar: Understanding malaria epidemiology in Eastern Bago region to inform malaria control within South East Asia

Dr Nigel Field (Infection & Population Health) & Professor Therese Hesketh (ICH)

Reverse translation in women's participatory groups

Dr Michelle Heys (ICH) & Professor Monica Lakhanpaul (ICH)

Socioeconomic factors and suicide mortality rate in Iran

Dr Hassan Haghparast-Bidgoli (Institute for Global Health) & Jeff Round (Mental Health Sciences)

The high altitude pregnancy study

Dr Sara Hillman (Institute for Women’s Health) & Professor Hugh Montgomery (Medical Sciences)

Grand Challenge of Human Wellbeing

Mapping geoengineering

Dr Jack Stilgoe (Science & Technology) and Dr Jason Blackstock (Science, Technology & Public Policy)

Learning about carer errors and resilience strategies: Equipment usability in using home enteral nutrition for older people

Dr Orlu Gul (School of Pharmacy) and Dominic Furniss (Psychology & Language Sciences)


Dr Natalie Bohm (Ear Institute) and Professor Harry Hemingway (Epidemiology & Public Health)

Extreme dieting and wellbeing: What are the risks of intermittent fasting diets?

Dr Lucy Serpell (Clinical, Educational & Health Psychology) and Professor Peter Dayan (Life Sciences)

Identifying the essential elements of visual representations of pain

Dr Amanda Williams (Clinical, Educational & Health Psychology) and Professor Anthony Dickenson (Neuroscience, Physiology & Pharmacology)

Evaluation of patients and clinicians’ preferences for different drug administration modes using discrete choice experiments

Dr Sofia Simaria (Biochemical Engineering) and Mr Ebenezer Tetteh (Applied Health Research) 

Mapping policy with big data: the health policy agenda and its networks

Professor Peter John (Political Science) and Professor Peter Wolfe (Statistical Science)

Grand Challenge of Intercultural Interactions

The Dawning of Empires in the Ancient Near East: A Dynamical Systems Approach

Dr Mark Altaweel (Institute of Archaelogy) and Professor Alan Wilson (Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis)

Human creativity: Do East and West really differ?

Professor Paul Burgess (Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience) and Professor Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic (Clinical, Educational & Health Psychology)

The Impact of Cross Disciplinary Conservation Practices on Social Development

Renata Peters (Institute of Archaelogy) and Susi Pancaldo (Museums & Public Engagement)

Post-colonial conversations - UK-India: Built environment and spatial knowledge production, dissemination and discourse

Dr Tania Sengupta (Architecture) and Dr Pushpa Arabindoo (Geography) 

Rapid cultural change in Ethiopia: Testing the potential of new technology for mapping community responses

Dr Edward Stevenson (Anthropology) and Dr Matthias Stevens (Civil, Environmental & Geomatic Engineering)

Grand Challenge of Sustainable Cities

Seeing red: the impact of light colour on thermal comfort and energy demand in cities

Dr David Shipworth (Energy Institute) and Dr Stephen Hailes (Computer Science)

Assessment and management of infrastructure resilience

Dr Andy Chow (Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering) and Dr Fuzhan Nasiri (Bartlett School of Planning)

Disturbed and disrupted: the impact of floods on mobility and consequences for health and wellbeing in cities

Dr Nicola Christie (Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering) and Dr Liza Griffin (Development Planning Unit)

Air PermeAbility | Cities Health Energy (APACHE)

Dr Anna Mavrogianni (Bartlett School of Graduate Studies) and Dr Catalina Spataru

Anaerobic Digestion for Small Scale Urban Farming

Dr Luiza Campos (Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering) and Dr Graham Woodgate (Institute of the Americas)

Urbanism in humanitarian settings: finding anthropological answers to the unacknowledged conflicts between urbanists and humanitarians

Dr Camillo Boano (Development Planning Unit) and Dr Kate Crawford (Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering)