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Leather in Ancient Egypt: gallery

In the Naqada Period leather was already widely used. There is evidence that leather was painted and sometimes stamped. Tooling (known from basketry) is also attested.

clay cone covered with leather
goatskin, coloured red
leather bag
red-painted container
UC 4372

Not much leather survives from the Old Kingdom (about 2686-2181 BC) , but this might simply reflect changes of burial customs: objects of daily life were not placed into tombs in the same scale as before. Many leather objects were found in the Middle Kingdom (about 2025-1700 BC) town Lahun. The dating of some of them is not certain.

leather objects from the Middle Kingdom (about 2025-1700 BC)

leather bag
leather bag
leather ball
UC 7116 UC 7128 UC 31433


New Kingdom (about 1550-1069 BC)

leather object with coloured strips as decoration
leather sandal
UC 35939


Third Intermediate Period

leather braces found on mummies
UC 13044 UC 13045

There are few leather objects securely datable to the Ptolemaic Period, in contrast to the great number found at Roman and Byzantine settlement and cemetery sites.

sandals found at Hawara
UC 28295



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