Project Management

The MSSL technology programme is underpinned by a strong background in project management. Each project is assigned a project manager from a central pool, all of whom receive training leading to Association for Project Management (APM) accreditation.

The project manager is responsible for day-to-day management of the project including schedule development and tracking, risk management, subcontract establishment and management, communications, requirements management, contract performance, project review management, expenditure tracking, earned value analysis and project reporting. They have responsibility for all management interfaces within the (often international) project team and with the customer with regard to risk, schedule and cost trade-offs. They are also responsible for information flow across the team through regular meetings and electronic data dissemination strategies. They support Principal Investigators to ensure timely delivery of project hardware and software (usually but not exclusively for space missions). The project manager reports to the programme manager, who assigns engineering support to the project and resolves any resource conflicts within the programme should they arise. 

Project managers work with systems engineers to ensure that systems perform according to their requirements, exploiting expertise from UCL Centre for Systems Engineering (UCLse), which is run by MSSL staff.

A small team of support staff provides secretarial and administrative assistance to the project manager.

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