Student Supervision


  • Laura Dempsey: Optical and EEG for imaging neonatal brain function. 2013-16 (with Jem Hebden).
  • Michaela Regan: Detection of gunshot residue. 2012-16 (with Ruth Morgan)
  • Mansour Almurayshid: The Feasibility of the Scintillation Detector system for dose verification in proton therapy. 2012-15 (with Jem Hebden)
  • Paul Doolan: The use of proton radiography to reduce uncertainties in proton treatment planning. 2011-14 (with Gary Royle)
  • Yusuf Helo: Use of Cerenkov radiation as a quality assurance tool in radiotherapy. 2010-14 (with Gary Royle)
  • Vanessa La Rosa: Proton-Induced X-ray Emissions from Metal Markers for Range Verification in Eye Proton Therapy. 2010-13 (with Gary Royle)
  • Alessandro Proverbio: Multimodality characterization of tissue microstructure with Magnetic Resonance and Optical Spectroscopy. 2010-14 (with Danny Alexander)
  • Hwan Koo: Instrumentation development for Electrical Impedance Tomography of brain function. 2010-2014 (with David Holder)
  • Alejandro Giacometti: Evaluating Multispectral Imaging Processing Methodologies for Analysing Cultural Heritage Documents. 2009-13 (with Melissa Terras)
  • Vinay Gangadharan: Automated multi-parameter monitoring of neonates. 2009-12 (with Topun Austin)
  • Josias Elisee: Development of Innovative Numerical Methods for Fluorescence Molecular Tomography and Application to Reconstructions in Complex Geometries. 2008-11 (with Simon Arridge)
  • Kate Pepper: The use of X-ray diffraction and optical imaging techniques to image tumour hypoxia for use in hypoxia-targeted radiotherapy. 2008-2011 (with Gary Royle)
  • Rob Cooper: Simultaneous EEG and near-infrared imaging for studies of functional processing and neonatal seizure. 2007-2010 (with Jem Hebden)
  • Ben Price: Towards combined optical and x-ray mammography. 2007-10 (with Gary Royle)
  • David Sen Wong: Real time photogrammetric tracking for optical topography brain function, 2007-10 (with Stuart Robson)
  • Teresa Correia: Three-dimensional optical imaging of evoked response in the infant and adult brain. 2006-2009 (with Jem Hebden)
  • Christos Panagiotou: Information theoretic regularization in Diffuse Optical Tomography. 2005-2010 (with Simon Arridge)
  • Caroline Reid: Spectroscopic techniques for medical diagnosis at optical and terahertz wavelengths. 2005-2009 First year talk (with Vince Wallace)
  • Dave Jennions: Advances in optical tomography instrumentation. 2003-2006 (with Jem Hebden)
  • Tara Yates: Time-resolved optical tomography for the detection and specification of breast disease. 2003-2005 (with Jem Hebden)


  • MSc - Benjamin Tham: Skin sparing in proton therapy
  • BSci - Prateek Yadev: Automated Neonatal modelling
  • BSci - Jessica Dunn: Paediatric optical head models
  • BSc - Ben Blackburn: Formulation of a data-analysis model for gleaning core body temperature from infrared images of the body.
  • BSc - Ekaterina Pererva: Linear registration between neonatal optical head models for group analysis.
  • BSc - Thomas Kane: Development of a computer program for the automatic extraction of information from infrared images towards the identification of core temperature
  • BSc - Dahlin Mony: Development of a non-invasive core temperature measurement method for mass screening based on infrared images of the body


  • MPhil - Emma Dixon: Use of Cerenkov radiation as a clinical tool in radiotherapy.
  • MSc - Changju Kim: Skin Sparing in proton therapy
  • MSc - Wui Ann Woon: Artefact rejection in x-ray CT imaging
  • MSc - Daniel Drake: Use of deformable registration to determine PTV margins in external beam radiotherapy
  • BSci - Shaun Trussell: Skin sparing in proton therapy
  • BSci - Ho Lam Lui: Generating phantoms wiht optical properties matched to those of fruits


  • MSc - Magdalena Karczewska: Optimising treatment plans in spot-scanning proton therapy
  • BSci - David Desai: Motion detection and analysis during seizure
  • BSci - Francesca Stoneley: Modelling patient throughput in a radiotherapy department


  • MSc - Laurence Moore: Artefact rejection in x-ray CT imaging
  • BSci - Jonathan Mayhew: Motion detection and analysis during seizure
  • BSci - Minal Modi: Artefact rejection in x-ray CT imaging


  • BSci - Eoin Dore: Characterisation of the Breastlight breast cancer detection device
  • BSc - Roman Hochuli: Dose optimisation in lateral cephalometry


  • MSc - Jo Page: Optical tomography of the arm with anisotropic priors
  • BSci - Amena Noorani: Pulse plethysmography using an optical mouse
  • BSci - Bahareh Gholipour: Comparison of optical mammography of the compressed and uncompressed breast.
  • BSci - Adam Telford: Reproducibility of optical images of a breast phantom.
  • BSci - Vicknesh Aruljoethy: Development of a simple Monte Carlo computer program for simulating light travel in tissue.


  • MA (Museum Studies) - Katie Kilmartin
  • BSc - Seto Balian: Obtaining initial estimate of optical parameters
  • BSc (intercalated) - Jay Patel: Combined optical/MRI imaging of anisotropic materials
  • BSc (intercalated) - Minesh Mistry: Optical mammography with distributed source patterns
  • BSc (intercalated) - Vinay Gangadharan: Combined optical/MRI imaging of anisotropic materials


  • MSc - Kaiban Shen: A compressible optical/MR phantom
  • BSc - Saman Dallali: A new user interface for frequency-multiplexed near-infrared topography system for imaging functional activation in the brain
  • BSc - Rahmatulai Maane: Exploring the effect of coupling fluid properties on optical mammography images
  • BSc - John Fiallos: Optical tomography of tissues using non-contact sources and detectors
  • BSc - Daniel Hopper: Comparison between three hemispherical cups used for optical imaging of the breast


  • MSc - Girvani Manoharan: Reconstruction of optical mammography images using prior information
  • Intercalated BSc - Sheetal Patel: Investigating and compensating for the effect of hair on imaging the brain with optical tomography.
  • Intercalated BSc - Nick Norton: Characterising the optical properties of the human heel and a tissue-equivalent phantom.
  • BSc - Ali Moghanchi: Data analysis and image reconstruction in optical imaging.
  • BSc - Ben Price: Design and construction of a breast phantom with realistic x-ray, optical, and elasticity properties.



  • Intercalated BSc - Oliver Pearce: Measurement of the spectral response of the eye
  • Intercalated BSc - Will Kieffer: Optical imaging of blood volume and oxygenation changes within the finger