How to modify any page


At the bottom right corner of each page, you'll see a little cross. If you click on it, users with appropriate permissions can edit the page. At the moment, you can save changes to a page but when you publish the changes to the internet, they need to be authorised before they go on-line.

UCL provides quite a bit of help on editing, and there are some notes below. If you need more help, ask Adam.

Modifying the page

Navigate to the page you want to change and click on the little cross at the bottom left. After entering your UCL password, you'll be taken the published version of the which is publicly accessible. To make changes, you need to create a new version. So click on "new version". You'll now see the page in an editor, described here.

You can now make changes. Add links by highlighting the text and clicking on ">link" on the right hand menu. See UCL's Silva guide for more details.

Save and publish the modified page

Keep clicking the save button and when you're happy, click save again and then click "public preview". This lets you see the page as it will be when you're published. Return to the editor by clicking the arrow icon at the top left. If you want to make further changes, do so. Once you're happy, click on "publish now". For the time being, the permissions are set so that any changes need to be authenticated before they go live on the website. That should be done within a day.

If you have any questions, please see UCL's guide and if you're still stuck, ask Adam.