The following equipment is available in the cleanroom

Lasers (class IV):
1. Nd-Yag laser for micro-machining
       average power 10W
       spot size 30-40um
       Q-switched (8ns pulse width)
       max pulse energy 500uJ
       max repetition rate 10kHz

2. AlGaAs laser for soldering
       max optical power 210W (continuous, not pulsed)
       equipped with pyrometer and video camera for process analysis

Gold Wirebonder: K&S4524 ball bonder

Thick film printers: DEK1202 and DEK65

Helium leak detector: Pfeiffer SmartTest
Smallest detectable leak rate   < 5·10-12 mbar l/s

Belt furnace: DEK840
       Max temperature 1000C
Box furnace: Carbolite with Eurotherm 3504 controller
       Max temperature 1450C
       10 program - 500 segments
       Ethernet connection for remote control and monitoring

We have a selection of ovens (max temp 200C) including a plasma oven, a vacuum oven and heated pressure chambers.

Other equipment:
Vacuum centrifuge (lab's own)
Profilometer: Mitutoyo Surftest SJ-400
Spincoater: Laurell WS-400E-NPP-Lite
Speedmixer (Dual Asymmetric Centrifugal Laboratory Mixer System)
Dispenser and pick and place system
Compressor and vacuum pumps, vacuum and pressure chambers
Microscopes: optical microscopes 5 to 60x magnification
Soxhlet extractor
Humidity sensor calibrator 


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