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Research in the Implanted Devices Group is aimed at restoring function to paralysed muscles using Functional Electrical Stimulation, FES. 

Current projects include:

Ongoing Research

Funded projects

  • The development of neural prosthesis to increase the quality of life of people affected by vestibular disorders: CLONS.
  • A novel electrode book for multi-functional restoration after spinal cord injury
  • Neuwalk: pioneering novel neuroprosthetic concepts to restore motor functions after severe spinal cord injury and Parkinson’s disease
  • Restoring bladder control using Micro-channel electrode neural interfaces

PhD projects

MSc projects

Undergraduate projects

List of Medical Physics projects offered to undergraduate students

Internship projects

Personal account of the experience gained while doing an internship in the IDG

Past projects:

An overview of past research and student projects is available here.


Academic Staff      
Prof Nick Donaldson Professor of Neuroprosthetic Engineering &
Head of Group 020 7679 0265
Dr Martin Fry Lecturer in Medical Electronics
Graduate Tutor (MSc) 020 7679 0274
Research Staff      
Mr Tim Perkins
Senior Research Fellow 020 7679 0297
Dr Anne Vanhoest Research Associate 020 7679 0296
Mr Joe Evans Technician 020 7679 0295
Dr Sandy Mosse
Senior Research Fellow  
Dr Nooshin Saeidi Research Associate 020 7679 0295
Dr Antoine Nonclercq
International collaborator 020 7679 0296
Dr Pablo Aqueveque
International collaborator 020 7679 0295
 PhD Students
Mr Nathaniel Dahan
PhD Student
020 7679 0296
Ms Kylie de Jager
PhD Student 020 7679 0220
Ms Runhan Luo PhD Student 020 7679 0295
Visiting Students
 Mr Pedro Cabral Júdice da Costa  Visiting Student 020 7679 0295
Mr Flurin Stauffer  Visiting student 020 7679 0296


Research publications from the group are listed here.


Facilities include cleanroom in which introduction, generation and retention of particles is minimized, as well as a workskop.

Our address: Implanted Devices Group, Dept of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering, Malet Place Engineering Building, UCL,  Gower Street, WC1E 6BT London

The Malet Place Building is in zone 350. In case of emergency, dial 222 from any UCL phone.