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In summer 2014, the Continence Product Advisor website went live and it has received steadily growing interest! The website project was led by staff from UCL and Southampton University and it was created in a collaboration between the International Consultation on Incontinence (ICI) and the International Continence Society (ICS).

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On Wednesday 15th - Friday 17th April this year (2015), the biennial conference, "Innovating for Continence: The Engineering Challenge, 2015" will take place in Chicago, organised by The Simon Foundation for Continence. Many members of the group will be giving talks and presenting posters of their work.

Also this year...

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Incontinence: The Engineering Challenge X

10-11 November 2015

Institution of Mechanical Engineers, London

Incontinence: The Engineering Challenge X, is the only forum where engineers, scientists, clinicians, researchers, commercial designers and producers, nurses, carers and users come together to address the issues faced by such a wide-ranging problem.

The seminar programme will consist of invited lectures and submitted papers.

The main programme topics will include:

• Recent work on technology to diagnose, treat and manage incontinence

• Limitations of existing technologies and work to overcome them

• Initiatives to devise brand new solutions


There are currently no PhD studentships available with the CSTG. For more details about when and how to apply, click here.

Research Outline

Our work focuses on minimising the impact of intractable incontinence on the quality of life of sufferers and their caregivers.

It is a joint venture of the Departments of Medicine and of Medical Physics and Bioengineering at UCL, and the School of Nursing and Midwifery at the University of Southampton. The UCL part of the group is located at the Department of Medicine's Archway Campus.

Most of the work of the CSTG focuses on the management of incontinence, particularly involving absorbent and other continence products, and falls into four main areas:

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  • Dr Rebecca Wong
  • Dr Rebecca Yearworth

How To Find Us

The Continence and Skin Technology Group is based at the Euston Campus of UCL. For information on how to find us, please click here. For contact information, follow the links in the Personnel section above.