Near Infrared Spectroscopy & Multimodal Spectroscopy

Near Infrared Spectroscopy Group (Clare Elwell, Christina Kolyva, Maria Papademetriou, Beth Jelfs)

The work of our Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS) is focused on the development and application of a wide range of near infrared spectroscopy instrumentation including single and multi channel differential, spatially resolved and phase resolved systems. We use these systems to measure tissue oxygenation, haemodynamics and metabolism in a number of clinical and life science applications primary investigating brain and muscle.

Multimodal Spectroscopy Group (Ilias Tachtsidis, Tracy Moroz, Luke Dunne)

The mission of the Multimodal Spectroscopy (MMS) Group is the development of a novel brain imaging and physiological monitoring modality by combining near-infrared spectroscopy with magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy. This will enable the fusion of anatomical information and regional measurements of changes in cerebral tissue oxygenation, oxygen utilization and energy metabolism. The instrumentation and techniques we develop can characterize and monitor the progression and treatment of brain injury in human adults, neonates and animals. 



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