MPHYGB28: Ionising Radiation Physics: Interactions and Dosimetry and MPHYGB09: Physics for Imaging and Therapy

Course Information

Course Credits
30 (15 for MPHYGB09)
Term 1
Assessment Exam and viva
Course Organiser
Prof Robert Speller


Please note that the taught material and examination are the same for MPHYGB09 and MPHYGB28. The difference is that MPHYGB28 is a 30 credit module which includes lectures, exam and an oral examination while MPHYGB09 is a 15 credit module consisting of the same lectures and exam with no oral exam. MPHYGB28 is intended for students taking the MSc in Physics and Engineering in Medicine, and MPHYGB09 is intended for those taking MSc in Medical Image Computing.

Aims and Objectives

This module covers the interaction of different radiations with matter and provides the basic material about the detection and quantification of the energy deposited in materials.

Brief Syllabus

Course Lecture hours
EM interactions 5
CP interactions 4
Neutron interactions 2
Dosimetry 7
X-ray production 2
Radiation detectors 5
Statistics, probability & errors 5
Practical session


MPHYGB28 is worth 30 credits. 15 credits come from a two hour closed-book written examination. The other 15 credits come from a viva examination which will cover general principles in medical physics and bioengineering.

MPHYGB09 is worth 15 credits, which come from the same two hour closed-book written examination as MPHYGB28.