MPHYGB21/MPHYMB21/MPHY3B21: Aspects of Bioengineering

Course Information

Course Credits
Term 2
Assessment Exam
Course Organiser
Prof Alan Cottenden

Aims and Objectives

This module aims to provide an introduction to biomaterials (with a particular emphasis on their mechanical properties); biomechanics; engineering design (as it applies to biomedical systems); and tissue engineering. At the end of the module students should be able to understand the foundational principles pertinent to each lecture session and be able to apply them to real-life problems.

Brief Syllabus

Course Lecture hours
Mechanical properties of materials 5
Biomaterials 7
Biomechanics 8
Engineering design 4
Tissue engineering 6

Lectures for the first four sections will be delivered by Prof Alan Cottenden (Module Organisor) and the fifth by Prof Robert Brown and his colleagues. Lecture notes, associated slide presentations and assignment sheets are posted on the Moodle site for the module.


Two hour closed-book written examination