Who accredits the degree?

The distance learning MSc is accredited by University College London, just like all of the degrees our department offers.

Is the easier or harder than your other MSc courses?

No. The module syllabus is the same for all of our MSc courses. The only difference is the mode of delivery.

How many hours of study are required? What are the tutor hours?

In total, the MSc requires 1800 hours of study. Some of these will involve following video lecture material and going through lecture notes, whilst others will be self-study time.whilst others will be self-study time. Each student will be assigned an academic tutor at UCL, who will arrange mutually suitable contact hours on a regular basis. The contact will primarily be through email and UCLs virtual learning environment, Moodle.

Will I get to interact with the rest of the class?

Interaction with your classmates is an important part of the course. You will be given short group projects to be completed through Moodle. We strongly encourage you to use the opportunity to expand your knowledge and understanding of international cultures, and learning and medical physics practice.

How do I access books and course materials?

You will need a computer with an internet connection. Once you are enrolled in UCL, you will receive a UCL computer account. This will give you access to UCL Library’s extensive e-resources, such as on-line academic journal access and e-books. The MSc course material can be accessed through Moodle.

When does the course start?

The course will start in October 2011 and will take between 2 and 5 years to complete, depending on how many modules you wish to sit each year.

How is the course assessed?

Each module will be assessed by either examination or coursework. Your coursework must be uploaded to Moodle in line with the deadlines you will be given. Written examinations take place once a year at UCL approved international institutions. You will sit the same papers as our campus-based students and thus will need to sit them on the same day as these students. After completion of your project, you will undergo an oral examination via Skype or a similar medium.

How does the project work?

Just like our campus-based students, our distance learning students will be expected to find a suitable project supervisor either at their place of work or at a nearby hospital. In addition to this, distance learning students will have a secondary supervisor in the department of Medical Physics and Bioengineering. The project will be carried out during your degree and you will submit a report (10,000 word limit) and undergo an oral examination on the project.

Can I come to UCL for graduation?

Provided you meet U.K. immigration requirements, you are welcome to come to UCL for your graduation ceremony. No matter whether or not you attend the actual graduation ceremony, you will be sent your transcript and degree certificate by the university when you have successfully passed the course.