Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering


Lecturer, Dr Jamie McClelland, features in Cancer Research UK campaign video

11 December 2017

Congratulations to Dr Jamie McClelland, who was featured in Cancer Research UK's recent campaign video: 'Meet the Stand Up to Cancer Scientists'. A Lecturer in the Medical Physics department at UCL, Dr McClelland works on real-time imaging of tumours using a new radiotherapy machine known as MR-Linac. 

The MR-Linac has the potential to revolutionise radiotherapy treatment, particularly of tumours that move during treatment, such as lung tumours, because it can provide real-time imaging while the radiotherapy treatment is being delivered. UCL, in collaboration with the Institute of Cancer Research and the Christie Hospital in Manchester, is developing image processing methods to estimate the 3D motion of the tumour and other organs from the real-time MR images. This information is then used information to adapt and guide the radiotherapy treatment delivery.

Watch the full video on YouTube here