Frequently asked questions for current students


I've forgotten my computer password

Please see our computer support officer, Dennis Tsang, in reception on the second floor of the Malet Place Engineering Building.

My entry card doesn't work

Go and see the Departmental Adminstrator, Karen Cardy, whose office is located in the reception area on the second floor.

Can I have a locker?

All our undergradaute students are allocated a locker for storage of books and personal effects. These are located in the corridor on the first floor of the Malet Place Engineering building (outside room 1.19). Keys are available from the MPB main office for a £5 deposit, which will be refunded on return of the key/receipt. If the key is lost, the deposit is retained by the department, and a second key is only issued on receipt of a further £5 deposit. Items are placed in the lockers at the student’s own risk, and therefore it is important that students do not use the lockers to store valuables (especially laptops). Please do not leave food in the lockers overnight. To obtain a key, please see Karen Cardy, whose office is located in the reception area on the second floor.

How can I work in the building outside of normal hours?

Normal working hours are 8:00 - 18:00. Please speak to your tutor or project supervisor if you wish to access the building outside of these hours.

Can I get a summer job in the department?

The first step in finding summer work within the department is to approach one or more research groups with whom you would like to work. These groups are listed on our research web page. Our research groups often have jobs which they can offer to enthusiastic undergraduate students over the summer. If you are prepared to work without payment, then most groups will probably be able to find you something interesting to do at short notice. If you wish to receive payment for the work you do, it is still possible that some groups may have some funding available. However, research groups can also help students to apply for a summer scholarship. The deadline for such applications is usually around February, so students need to plan well in advance.

How can I access Matlab at UCL and at home?

Matlab is a high-level programming environment used widely in medical physics, and often used by students for coursework assignments and research projects. The software is installed on all PCs located in the student study room on the first floor of Malet Place Engineering Building. It can also be accessed via the Myriad Cluster from all UCL student study rooms, and externally via the Cluster WTS system (although connection speeds are often slow). For more details on how to access via the Cluster WTS, see Appendix E of the undergraduate handbook. For personal use, students can purchase their own student license. Details of special rates for UCL students is available by clicking here. Finally, a similar software package known as Octave is available as freeware from the GNU website.