Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering


Dr Ilias Tachtsidis

Wellcome Trust Senior Fellow and Head of the Multimodal Spectroscopy Group


Dr Tachtsidis is a Wellcome Trust Senior Fellow and Reader in Biomedical Engineering. He is a senior member of the Biomedical Optics Research Laboratory and heads the Multi-Modal Spectroscopy Group. His research is highly multi-disciplinary, crossing the boundaries between engineering, physics, neuroscience and clinical medicine. The technical focus of his work is the development and use of non-invasive optical instruments and techniques for monitoring brain oxygenation, haemodynamics and metabolism. A major part of Dr Tachtsidis research is to investigate the use and limitations of functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy or fNIRS in neuroscience applications. In addition, the clinical focus of his work is the identification and use of optically measured biomarkers to assess the functional status of the brain. The principal challenge of his research is the non-invasive measurement, with NIRS, of cytochrome-c-oxidase (CCO), a mitochondrial enzyme responsible for cellular energy production. Dr Tachtsidis and his team have developed unique NIRS systems that currently are used at UCL Hospitals in London, to monitor adult traumatic-brain-injury patients and birth asphyxiated infants. He has long term collaborations with industry that includes Hitachi and Hamamatsu Photonics.

Research Summary

Biomedical optics.
Near-infared Spectroscopy
Multimodal brain imaging through combination of MR and NIRS.
Development of time-resolved and broadband photonic systems to monitor the brain tissue.
Monitoring brain functional activation with NIRS.
Investigation of brain autoregulation using signal processing techniques.
Development of mathematical models of brain physiology using a systems biology approach.

Teaching Summary

-Lecturer on Medical Physics course MPHY3012/M012 Physiological Monitoring
-Course organiser for Medical Physics course MPHYGB97: Research Project (PEM)
-Lecturer on CoMPLEX ITPL practicalsITPL: Introduction to Physical Techniques in the Life Sciences


JAN-2015 – DEC-2019 Senior Wellcome Trust Research Fellow Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering University College London, United Kingdom
JAN-2010 – DEC-2014 Wellcome Trust Career Development Research Fellow Medical Physics and Bioengineering University College London, United Kingdom