Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering


Honorary Staff

Honorary Staff



Richard Amos Honorary Senior Lecturer r.amos@ucl.ac.uk
Alberto Astolfo Honorary Research Associate a.astolfo@ucl.ac.uk
Topun Austin Honorary Professor topun.austin@ucl.ac.uk
Josephine Barnes Honorary Lecturer j.barnes@ucl.ac.uk
Cristina Blanco Andujar Honorary Research Associate cristina.blancoandujar.09@ucl.ac.uk
Anna Blasi Ribera Honorary Research Associate a.blasi@ucl.ac.uk
Hugo Bouchard Honorary Senior Research Associate h.bouchard@ucl.ac.uk
Frederic Boy Honorary Senior Lecturer  
Sabrina Brigadoi Honorary Research Associate s.brigadoi@ucl.ac.uk
Joanna Brunker Honorary Research Associate joanna.brunker.09@ucl.ac.uk
Kevin Buckley Honorary Lecturer k.buckley@ucl.ac.uk
Sophie Budge Honorary Research Assistant s.budge@ucl.ac.uk
Ricky Chau Honorary Senior Research Associate r.chau@ucl.ac.uk
Daoyi Chen Honorary Lecturer daoyi.chen@ucl.ac.uk
John Clifton Emeritus Professor of Physics as applied to Medicine john.clifton@ucl.ac.uk
Christopher Eric Cooper Honorary Professor christopher.cooper@ucl.ac.uk
David Thomas Delpy Emeritus Professor of Medical Photonics dave.delpy@ucl.ac.uk
Jing Deng Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer j.deng@ucl.ac.uk
Paul Doolan Honorary Research Associate paul.doolan.09@ucl.ac.uk
Megan Duffy Honorary Research Assistant megan.duffy@ucl.ac.uk
Ana Ferreira De Almeida Lourenco Honorary Research Associate am.lourenco@ucl.ac.uk
Panagiotis Gikas Honorary Lecturer panagiotis.gikas.09@ucl.ac.uk
Boris Gutman Honorary Research Associate  
Ian Harris Honorary  i.harris@ucl.ac.uk
Simon Hattersley Honorary Research Associate simon.hattersley@ucl.ac.uk
Julie Horrocks Honorary Professor j.horrocks@ucl.ac.uk
Mir Hosseini-Ashrafi Honorary Lecturer m.hosseini-ashrafi@ucl.ac.uk
Khalil Itani Honorary Research Associate k.itani@ucl.ac.uk
Joseph Jacob Honorary Senior Lecturer j.jacob@ucl.ac.uk
Jemma Kerns Honorary Lecturer jemma.kerns@ucl.ac.uk
Robert Kightley Honorary Research Associate r.kightley@ucl.ac.uk
Tryphon Lambrou Honorary Lecturer t.lambrou@ucl.ac.uk
Mingjun Liu Honorary Research Associate mingjun.liu@ucl.ac.uk
Sarah Lloyd-Fox Honorary Research Associate s.lloyd-fox@ucl.ac.uk
Marco Lorenzi Honorary Research Associate m.lorenzi@ucl.ac.uk
Konstantin Lozhkin Honorary Senior Lecturer k.lozhkin@ucl.ac.uk
Daniel Marcus Honorary Research Associate  
Hani Joseph Marcus Honorary Senior Research Associate h.marcus@ucl.ac.uk
Peter Marsden Honorary Professor p.marsden@ucl.ac.uk
Pavel Matousek Visiting Professor p.matousek@ucl.ac.uk
Gustav Meedt Honorary Senior Lecturer g.meedt@ucl.ac.uk
Barry Danby Michael Honorary Senior Lecturer b.michael@ucl.ac.uk
Timothy Mills Honorary Lecturer t.mills@ucl.ac.uk
Elham Nabavi Honorary Research Assistant e.nabavi@ucl.ac.uk
Daniel O'Flynn Honorary Senior Research Associate d.oflynn@ucl.ac.uk
Hugo Palmans Honorary Senior Research Associate h.palmans@ucl.ac.uk
Anthony Parker Honorary Professor anthony.parker@ucl.ac.uk
Elizabeth Parvin Honorary Lecturer  
Heather Payne Honorary Professor h.payne@ucl.ac.uk
Douglas Pendse Honorary Clinical Lecturer doug.pendse@ucl.ac.uk
Sarah Pinder Honorary Lecturer  
Rachael Rodell Honorary Research Assistant r.rodell.12@ucl.ac.uk
Paul Sellin Visiting Professor p.sellin@ucl.ac.uk
Martin Smith Honorary Professor martin.smith@ucl.ac.uk
Gail Ter Haar Honorary Senior Lecturer  
Andrew Todd-Pokropek Professor of Medical Physics a.todd-pokropek@ucl.ac.uk
Vincent Wallace Honorary senior Lecturer  
Jiangjian Zhong Honorary Senior Research Associate joe.zhong@ucl.ac.uk