Extenuating Circumstances

The procedures for consideration of extenuating circumstances are governed by UCL’s academic regulations as set out in Section 7, Chapter 4 of UCL’s Academic Regulations and can be found here:

Extenuating Circumstances Regulations

Students are advised to refer to these regulations for guidance and, in particular, to section 7.3 which sets out the acceptable grounds for extenuating circumstances.   

Notification of extenuating circumstances must be submitted as soon as possible and no later than one week after the circumstance has taken place. The form should be submitted to medsch.mbbsy3@ucl.ac.uk and can be found here:

Extenuating Circumstances Form MBBS Year 3

All extenuating circumstance submissions will now be processed in the Medical School via not within the department hosting your IBSc. 

If you are unclear about the procedure please contact the iBSc Administrator at medsch.mbbsy3@ucl.ac.uk .