Welcome to the North Central Thames Foundation School

The North Central Thames Foundation School (NCTFS) is a foundation school of Health Education North Central and East London (HENCEL) linked to UCL Medical School (UCLMS) .

The school co-ordinates the allocation process to Foundation Year 1 (F1) and Foundation Year 2 (F2), and supports the delivery of the Foundation Programme and the development of foundation trainees.

The Foundation Programme is a two-year generic training programme designed for medical school graduates. The programme forms the bridge between medical school and Specialty/General Practice training.

For August 2017 entry NCTFS is offering 185 training places across four London based Trusts:

NCTFS is committed to providing high quality foundation training in all linked hospitals, and working together towards the GMC standards for training for the Foundation Programme.


Recruitment for entry in August 2017 : Applications will open on 3rd October

Applicants to the Foundation Programme commencing in August 2017 should refer to the guidance and timeline published on the UKFPO website (from June 2016).

Careers “Webinar”

“Webinars” are live, interactive seminars delivered over the web. Please complete the registration form if you would like to book a place for the next 45-minute session (delivered in the early evening so that you can access it from home).

Allocation to Foundation Schools released (August 2016 entry)

Candidates are informed of their overall score, by UKFPO, when they are allocated to a Foundation School. For posts starting in August 2016, anyone applying to this school and scoring 81.64 or above was successful in gaining a place. More