Undergraduate courses

NGC 100, from KPNO, Spitzer and the UCL-built Swift-UVOT telescope. Credit: I. Ferreras (UCL Space and Climate Physics)

The Faculty of Mathematical and Physical Sciences offers a range of three- and four-year undergraduate degrees, spanning six departments as well as the cross-disciplinary natural sciences programme.

This page links to course information for all the undergraduate degrees offered in the faculty.


F323 Chemical Physics MSci 4 years
F101 Chemistry MSci 4 years
F105 Chemistry (International Programme) MSci 4 years
F1RX Chemistry with a European Language MSci 4 years
F1NF Chemistry with Management Studies MSci 4 years
F1GC Chemistry with Mathematics MSci 4 years
F153 Medicinal Chemistry MSci 4 years
F320 Chemical Physics BSc 3 years
F100 Chemistry BSc 3 years
F1R9 Chemistry with a European Language BSc 3 years
F1N2 Chemistry with Management Studies BSc 3 years
F1G1 Chemistry with Mathematics BSc 3 years
F150 Medicinal Chemistry BSc 3 years

Earth Sciences

F604 Earth Sciences MSci 4 years
F605 Earth Sciences (International Programme) MSci 4 years
F645 Environmental Geoscience MSci 4 years
F601 Geology MSci 4 years
F663 Geophysics MSci 4 years
F603 Earth Sciences BSc 3 years
F644 Environmental Geoscience BSc 3 years
F600 Geology BSc 3 years
F660 Geophysics BSc 3 years


G107 Mathematics MSci 4 years
GF1H Mathematics and Physics MSci 4 years
GGC3 Mathematics and Statistical Science MSci 4 years
G1LC Mathematics with Economics MSci 4 years
G1NF Mathematics with Management Studies MSci 4 years
G1FH Mathematics with Mathematical Physics MSci 4 years
G1TX Mathematics with Modern Languages MSci 4 years
G100 Mathematics BSc 3 years
GF13 Mathematics and Physics BSc 3 years
GG13 Mathematics and Statistical Science BSc 3 years
G1L1 Mathematics with Economics BSc 3 years
G1N2 Mathematics with Management Studies BSc 3 years
G1F3 Mathematics with Mathematical Physics BSc 3 years
G1T9 Mathematics with Modern Languages BSc 3 years

Natural Sciences

FGC0 Natural Sciences MSci 4 years
CFG0 Natural Sciences BSc 3 years

Physics and Astronomy

F511 Astrophysics MSci 4 years
F303 Physics MSci 4 years
F345 Theoretical Physics MSci 4 years
F510 Astrophysics BSc 3 years
F300 Physics BSc 3 years
F340 Theoretical Physics BSc 3 years

Science and Technology Studies

V550 History and Philosophy of Science BSc 3 years
L391 Science and Society BSc 3 years

Statistical Sciences

G305 Statistical Science (International Programme) MSci 4 years
LG13 Economics and Statistics BSc (Econ) 3 years
G300 Statistics BSc 3 years
GN32 Statistics and Management for Business BSc 3 years
GLR0 Statistics, Economics and a Language BSc 3 years
GLN0 Statistics, Economics and Finance BSc 3 years

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