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19 September 2013: Prof David Alexander wins research award

David Alexander, Professor of Risk and Disaster Reduction at UCL IRDR, has been given the Distinguished Research Award of the International Society for Integrated Disaster Risk Management, IDRiM.

12 September 2013: News updates from the European Planetary Science Congress

UCL is overrun with planetary scientists this week, taking part in the European Planetary Science Congress. More...

9 September 2013: Another Way of Seeing: contemporary art responds to astronomy

An exhibition of installations made in response to planetary science goes on display today at UCL. More...

6 September 2013: Reflecting on Earth's albedo

A new project, led by scientists at UCL, is helping to build better simulations of weather and climate by mapping how much sunlight is being absorbed and reflected by the Earth. More...

4 September 2013: Historic space pictures published online for the first time

Part of a historic archive of space images, including Soviet photos of the surface of Venus, hand-assembled mosaics of Jupiter’s moons, and an incredibly detailed map of the Moon, has been published online by UCL (University College London). The rare photos and maps have been made available to the public as part of the Festival of the Planets, which runs from 8-13 September in London. Many of these pictures have never been published online before; others only in poor quality scans.

3 September 2013: UK scientists begin 5 year quest to solve cosmic detective puzzle

A five year quest is underway to solve the cosmic detective puzzle of why the expansion of the universe is speeding up.

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