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Welcome to the new, evolving, online version of the LIMS newsletter. It has been a good period here at LIMS since our last Newsletter with many insightful lectures on a broad range of topics proving that LIMS continues to promote its values in furthering the importance and knowledge of the mathematical sciences.

LIMS continues to support the LTCC in providing PhD students with learning opportunities in fields of mathematics specifically pure, applied and statistical, in January an open-day was held with them to engage with more pupils and to extend its awareness. In December we co-hosted a workshop with the Advisory Committee on Protection of the Sea (ACOPS) on Tsunamis and Ge-physical warnings. A special mention must also go to GSD (Global System Dynamics and Policies) who have provided assistance to LIMS this year even going so far as hosting an “Agent Based Modelling” talk for one of our Evening Lectures.

Speaking of our Evening Lectures Mike Davey and Bernd Becker kicked us off in January with examples of “Mathematical Models at the Met Office”, a topical talk considering the news regarding mathematical models and weather predictions. We again moved into news worthy topic titles with two famous scientists to boot, in October 2009 Steve Jones and Jim Al-Khalili spoke for us at one of our LIMS specials, “Human Evolution & Quantum Mechanics”, which was held at the Bloomsbury Theatre at UCL. Steve was recently interviewed for a Channel 4 television series on “Race” and Jim has been presenting a few programmes for the BBC on many mathematical science fields – we were and are very thankful to both for advancing our profile and for that night which was attended by over 400 people!

Of course all of our speakers need to be thanked for their talks Steven Dakin, Beau Lotto, Sofia Olhede, Guy Nason, Mike Davey, Bernd Becker, Philip Bond, Mike Wiltshire, Steve Jones, Jim Al-Khalili, Phil Wilson, Bernd Scheichl, Liz Varga, Patrick Beautement, Jan-Peter Muller and finally our very own Frank Smith. Please keep up to date with our future lectures by visiting the events area on our website.

This year also brought some changes, of which more will come. We have revamped our website to make it more appealing and functional, future changes to the site will hopefully include our talks being available on UCL's itunes service and eventually online videos.

We also must once again thank UCL for major financial support which has also allowed the future of LIMS to continue. The London Mathematical Society and our other partners LSE, Queen Mary University of London and City.

Finally on a sad note in the passing of Nancy Lighthill, wife of James Lighthill. Nancy Lighthill (nee Dumaresq), met James whilst at Cambridge who was at the time studying Mathematics at Newham College. In 1945, the year James was elected a fellow of Trinity College and the year he left the National Physical Laboratory he and Nancy married. Our thoughts go to James and Nancy's family. You can also read the Tribute to James Lighthill upon his death given by Lord Julian Hunt, this can be found on the last page of this letter.

Thank you,

Arren Ariel

LIMS Administrator, January 2010