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London Taught Course Centre for PhD students in the Mathematical Sciences

The consortium running the LTCC has the aim to ensure that all mathematical sciences research students have a broad mathematical culture covering at least one (and ideally more) of the three areas: pure mathematics, applied mathematics, and statistics.

The LTCC is also offering doctoral students opportunities to acquire a working knowledge of classical results and recent developments in their own broad research fields but outside the specialised domains of their individual research projects. This is aided by the range of institutes in the consortium, namely UCL, QMUL, Imperial College, King’s College, LSE, City, Kent and Brunel, and the range of institutes who are sending their students along to the LTCC. The total number of institutes involved is now near twenty, over 120 students have attended the LTCC modular courses and yet more have attended the short intensive courses.

The vision for this Centre stems directly from the international-review finding that, while the UK PhD standard remains high, recent changes in content of undergraduate degrees along with pressure for PhD completion result in reduced opportunity for PhD candidates to study mathematical sciences outside the immediate areas of their research projects. Modular lecture courses and short intensive courses are included, with an emphasis on personal contact, introducing students to an exciting wide range of topics in pure and applied mathematics and statistics, and striking a balance between classical results and recent developments.

Support for the LTCC is from EPSRC for 2007-2011.

The courses run annually from October each year at De Morgan House in Russell Square under the auspices of the London Mathematical Society and the Lighthill Institute for Mathematical Sciences.

The LTCC Basic courses are in pure mathematics (five modules), applied mathematics (five modules), statistics (five modules), in the October-March period, and the same format applies to the LTCC Advanced courses. The LTCC Intensive courses are two-day events on hot topics and they usually take place in the spring or summer.

Contacts and further information are at the LTCC website.


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