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ReadingLists@UCL for students

In brief

Access your reading lists via a direct link from the relevant Moodle course using the ‘Library Resources’ block.

Alternatively, use the reading list ‘Search’ to search by course code, title or lecturer name. ‘Sign in’ (top right) first to ensure you see all the lists.

Using your reading lists

If you haven’t already, ‘Sign in’ using the link at the top right of the page. Readings are ordered as your lecturer has chosen – by week or topic etc. Use the ‘Table of contents’ to see all the sections at a glance. You can sort the list by ‘type’ e.g. group together articles, chapters, websites etc. using the top right hand button ‘Group by’. The title of each reading is blue and underlined, click on this to see further information:

  • Full details of the reading and its source
  • A live link to the library catalogue for that item
  • Where available, links to the full text reading

You can also keep your own notes for each reading using ‘Add Note’ and the ‘Read Status’ radio buttons.

The ‘Add Note’ facility allows you to make your own notes against each entry on the reading list. Your notes are visible only to you.

Using the ‘Read Status’ button will help you organise your reading by allowing you to keep track of where you are with your reading lists and to plan so you can make sure you have read everything you need to for your lecture or seminar. It also saves time as you can mark up those items you are definitely not going to read, perhaps because you do not wish to do in-depth background reading on a particular aspect of a topic as it is peripheral to your course.

Frequently Asked Questions 

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