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If you need information or advice on any issue relating to electronic theses that is not covered by this web site please e-mail researchdegrees@ucl.ac.uk for advice on the administration of research degrees or open-access@ucl.ac.uk for advice on matters concerning the deposit of theses and supplementary material in the UCL Discovery repository.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many bound copies of my thesis do I have to hand in?

If you have entered for a UCL award, from session 2008/09 you need to submit one printed (bound) and one electronic copy of your thesis.

Which degrees are covered?

PhD, MPhil and MD(Res)

To whom do the new regulations apply?

All students who register for research degrees from the start of session 2008/09 and all continuing students who have elected to receive a UCL rather than a University of London research degree.

How should I submit my thesis?

You need to hand in your printed (bound) copy to the Student Centre, UCL Registry and Academic Services. The electronic version (or e-thesis) should be deposited via the Research Publications Service (RPS) for transfer to UCL Discovery. The e-thesis should be received prior to handing in your print copy.

Can I submit my electronic version on CD?

Although UCL Discovery will accept electronic thesis on CD from students who have prepared their thesis for examination prior to the introduction of e-thesis deposit via RPS, all other e-theses must be deposited via RPS. Information is provided on how to do this. Online training and guidance is also available; please see the question 'Is there any training on how to use RPS?'.

What should I do if I can't log in to RPS?

You should be able to log in to your profile in RPS if you have current access to UCL's central IT services. If you experience any difficulties, please contact open-access@ucl.ac.uk as soon as possible.

How will people find out about my thesis?

The printed copy will be catalogued in UCL Library Services catalogue, eUCLid, where there will also be a link to the electronic version. The UCL Discovery repository is searchable locally but information is also harvested by eg Google and in future by the UK’s national ethesis repository, EthOS, where your work will be available alongside that from students at LSE, Imperial, Oxford, Edinburgh, Warwick, Glasgow and other leading research-oriented universities.

Is there any training available on producing the electronic copy?

The Using Word For Writing Your Thesis course offered by UCL’s Open Learning Centre includes advice on preparing a PDF document.

Is there any training on how to use RPS?

ISD provide documentation and online training (via Moodle) for people who require an introduction to the service. You will need to log in using your UCL username and password. Guidance is also available via the deposit your electronic thesis page.

What about training on copyright issues?

This will be available as part of the Graduate School Skills Development Programme.

What do I do if my thesis contains 3rd party copyright material?

For information on this see Including third party copyright material in your thesis.

What do I do if I want to include within my thesis works I have published?

For details of what do do see the section on including your own material within your thesis within Including third party copyright material in your thesis.

What will happen if I fail to deposit an electronic version of my thesis?

Your degree will not be awarded until you have deposited an electronic version of your thesis .