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Depositing your electronic thesis

Following the examination of your thesis and the completion of any required amendments or corrections, you should ensure that you do the following:

Before you submit your thesis to UCL Registry

  • Ensure that you have made best efforts to seek permission to include any third party copyright material in the electronic version of your thesis. If such material is either not within scope of 'The Copyright and Rights in Performances (Quotation and Parody) Regulations 2014' (Directive 2011/77/EU) or can not been cleared for use by the copyright holder, decide if you want to make an edited version publicly available. Further details are available at the Using Copyright material pages.
  • Discuss with your supervisor whether or not there is a reason for restricting access to your thesis.
  • Deposit the electronic version of your final thesis (your 'e-thesis') to UCL Discovery via the Research Publications Service (RPS), together with an electronic version of your completed E-thesis Deposit Agreement form.

UCL Discovery must receive your e-thesis no later than the print copy is given to the Student Centre or your award may be delayed.

E-thesis deposit via UCL's Research Publications Service (RPS)

All research students with current access to UCL's central IT services will have an active profile in RPS. Detailed instructions on how to log in to RPS, how to create a publication record for your thesis, and how to deposit your e-thesis and E-thesis Deposit Agreement form to your thesis record are available at the RPS FAQ pages.

  • After examination, convert the final version of your thesis to a single PDF file (see Thesis Format for further information). If your e-thesis is very large in terms of file size, you may split your thesis into smaller files for conversion and deposit. Please identify the order of the files in the file names, such as Dickens Chap 1, Dickens Chap 2 and so on.
  • If you have indicated on the E-Thesis Deposit Agreement form that your thesis contains third party copyright material which you do not have permission to include within the electronic version, but you are able to remove this material from the electronic copy without substantially reducing the academic value of the thesis, you should submit a second electronic copy with the material removed. Please name the file(s) accordingly to help distinguish between the edited version and the full version.

Basic guidelines on how to deposit your e-thesis in RPS

  • Log in to RPS - enter your UCL username and password; this is the username and password you use to access UCL's central IT services.

    If you unable to access RPS, or if you no longer have access to UCL's central IT services, it is important that you contact the UCL Open Access Team immediately.

  • When you have logged in to RPS, you will see your profile homepage with a list of publication types. (If you can not see a list of publication types, click on 'home' in the top menu). Click on 'Others' to expand the list of publication types. Scroll down the list until you see Thesis/ dissertation. Click on 'Add new thesis/ dissertation' to start creating a publication record for your thesis.
  • Please complete the following fields and then click on 'Save':

    1. Title;
    2. Abstract (where available);
    3. Awarding institution: UCL (University College London);
    4. Date awarded (year of award);
    5. Page count (total number of pages);
    6. Language; and
    7. Status: unpublished.
  • Click on the full text tab of your new thesis record and then click on 'Manage full text'.

    If you can not see your newly created thesis record, click on ‘Home’ in the top left hand corner of the screen. Then click on ‘Others’ in the Publications box, followed by ‘Theses/Dissertations’ to find the record.

  • Locate and deposit the following via the File upload window:

    1. One or more files comprising a full copy of your final e-thesis;
    2. Any edited version of your e-thesis with third party copyright material removed;
    3. A completed electronic version of your E-Thesis Deposit Agreement form
  • If you want to deposit associated files, e.g. supplementary datasets, discuss this with the UCL Open Access Team by emailing open-access@ucl.ac.uk.
  • Click on 'Deposit' to enable the transfer of your files to UCL Discovery. Any files you deposit in RPS are not automatically made available online.
  • the UCL Open Access Team will ensure that your e-thesis is only made available online in accordance with any conditions you have stipulated on your E-Thesis Deposit Agreement form.

After you have deposited your e-thesis in RPS

If you have indicated that your e-thesis can be made available immediately (i.e. no access restrictions, no third party copyright material), your e-thesis will be made available a short time after your award date.

If you have deposited a second reduced copy of your e-thesis with third party copyright material removed, the unedited copy will be stored in perpetuity in a non-public area of the repository; the second copy will be published in the repository a short time after your award date.

If you have deposited one full copy of your e-thesis and it has not been possible to remove third party copyright material, and it is not in scope of the The Copyright and Rights in Performances (Quotation and Parody) Regulations 2014' (Directive 2011/77/EU), your thesis will be stored in perpetuity in a non-public area of the repository.

Theses which are subject to embargo. The embargo will apply the electronic and print versions. The thesis will be stored in a non-public area of the repository until the embargo period has expired. It will then be made available in UCL Discovery.