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UCL Copyright advice

Copyright plays a vital role in the work of the UCL community both in relation to academic publications by UCL staff and students and also in the use of materials to support teaching and learning.

You must consider copyright issues before reusing other people’s material in your own academic work, in the classroom or within Moodle. The links below may help to answer your questions on copyright. If you need any assistance please email our Copyright enquiry service.

Legislation and background

This section provides an overview of UK Copyright Legislation which governs our use of other people's materials.

Information about your own copyright

Advice on issues relating to any work you create, including links to the UCL IPR policies for staff and students, information on how to use schemes such as Creative Commons to allow your work to be used by others.

Authors' Licensing and Collecting Society

Information which may be on interest to UCL authors on the Authors' Licensing and Collecting Society. The ALCS is a membership organisation which exists to distribute payments to authors for secondary usage of their work under the CLA licences and other licences.

Using copyright materials in your own work and in teaching

Advice on the reuse of copyright material in your own work (for students and staff), and information for UCL staff who are compiling materials to support teaching (both online and in the classroom)

Lecture capture, Lecturecast and Copyright


You can email us at copyright@ucl.ac.uk