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MetaLib replacement, August 2018

9 July 2018

MetaLib logo

The MetaLib service will be replaced at the end of August 2018. More information is provided below.

  • ‘Find Resource’ will be replaced by a new service at the same location, the Databases page.
  • ‘Find e-Journal’ will be replaced by a new service within Explore.
  • ‘QuickSearch’/’ExpertSearch’ will not be part of the new service, as this technology has been superseded. Library Services' advice is either to use Explore, for searching across a range of data sources with relevance ranking, or to consult subject guides or your Subject Liaison Librarian named there, for relevant data sources for your needs.
  • ‘MyMetaLib’ will not be replaced. Please make a note of any resources you have bookmarked, in order to locate them through the new service in August. If you have scheduled searches, you may be able to replicate such alerting in individual databases.

Please visit our website over the summer for updated information on the changes, and information on how to use the new services. If you have any questions, please contact the e-resources team.