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Virtual Visitors: Why would anyone want to visit the British Museum collections online?

11 July 2012

Thursday 14 June, Stevenson Lecture Theatre, British Museum

Dr Melissa Terras (UCL Centre for Digital Humanities)

Launched in October 2007, the British Museum provides virtual access to objects and collections via an online database, and by the end of 2009 nearly 2 million records had been made available.  However, why would anyone want to view a collection online rather than in person, and what would they use it for? 

This Lunch Hour Lecture, by Dr Terras, Deputy Director of UCL's Centre for Digital Humanities, discusses what is known about the use of this virtual online resource, and if indeed it is even used.  This talk also presents analysis undertaken by UCL's Centre for Digital Humanities in conjunction with Claire Ross and Vera Motyckova and colleagues at the British Museum.

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