James Rymer

???? - 1842

Claimant or beneficiary


James Rymer, surgeon, wrote from Ramsgate in pursuit of part of the compensation for an estate in Dominica which we have identified tentatively as Rosalie.

  1. James Rymer's account ran as follows: On 21/12/1816 James Rymer had married a natural daughter of the late John Robinson of Dominica [q.v.]. Under John Robinson’s will, £500 was due to his daughter on her wedding, provided his executors consented. The executors did consent [to the marriage] but said they had no money to pay the legacy. Now, it was the intent of his wife’s mother to settle £4000 upon her child, but given the impossibility of the executors paying £500, ‘my wife’s mother paid me down £500.’ James Rymer and the executors of John Robinson made over the £500 to Rymer’s wife, with she having interest for her lifetime and the principal to be paid to her children after her death. The marriage settlement specified that the legacy of £500 should be into the Bank of England - not one farthing has yet been paid - and interest to be paid at 5%. The acting trustee under the marriage settlement has kept back £2 10s per annum on the plea of what he, Skeffington Robinson, calls interest on legacy duty! S. Robinson as residuary legatee now claims for 181 Negroes. Skeffington Robinson is residing in the City of London: he is agent to the other residuary legatees. The trustees for Rymer’s wife were Wm Holmes Esq, Grafton St; James Payne ?; and Skeffington Robinson, and his wife’s claim (with interest) was £546 5s 0d.

  2. James Rymer has an entry in the ODNB as 'naval surgeon' which details his service but makes no mention of his wife or family.


  1. The National Archives T71/1609 Dominica Bundle; Letter from Jas Rymer, surgeon, Ramsgate Kent to the Commissioners of Compensation dated 11/8/1835.

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We are grateful to Stuart Cresswell for his help with this entry.

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